About Us

Dargie Virtual Solutions partners with businesses to provide virtual business support and solutions.
We add value to your business through our services.

About DVS

Dargie Virtual Solutions partners with businesses to provide virtual business support and solutions.

Meet the Team behind Dargie Virtual Solutions:

Lisa Dargie was born an entrepreneur.

She enjoys helping small businesses grow and thrive.
She is a results driven, creative and intuitive Online Business Manager.

In 2009 she founded Dargie Virtual Solutions to help businesses
find solutions to their daily struggles and to help increase productivity.

She has a knack for analyzing systems and
streamlining processes that make daily operations run smoother.

Since an early age she has been able to find solutions to problems.
She started her entrepreneurial career in middle school by selling
handmade greeting cards and invitations to friends.
Later, used her creativity even more to draft cloth diaper patterns
and clothing patterns, sew the items and sell them.

With that experience she understands the front and back end of operations.
Her background includes working with a variety of small businesses
including coaches, tech startups, seed investors, web designers,
lawyers,  gym owners, physical therapist and many others to help them grow thriving businesses.

Todd Dargie is a proven leader.

He enjoys solving problems and adding value to help businesses obtain their objectives.

Todd has over 15 years of extensive experience in the financial services space,
performing leadership roles in both accounting and finance. He has held the
title of Vice President at several large banking institutions, operating as a thought leader and driving business strategy.

Committed to operational excellence and as a Six Sigma BlackBelt
he has continuously developed solutions for
improving operational efficiency,
reducing cycle time and mitigating risk.

Todd holds a bachelor of science degree in finance
from the University of South Florida.
He has also studied his MBA at University of Massachusetts.

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